Volk von Nova, höre!

From the Führer Tavington, er spreche zu euch,

Now, first off let me thank Illuminati for providing me with all the following evidence. It has come to my attention that Nova has turned into that which I despise, a server which caters solely to the needs of a gathering of autistic children and their mother hen, the Connigtons. It is for that reason that I have decided to publicize the following information regarding Nova's "donations" (ironic eh?). First off here is a screenshot of Duel owning up to swindling donations:


Here is proof of Duel squirming as he realises he has been exposed:


Also, here is a large collection of logs between Illuminati and Duel, some of it is rather juicy:


Oh and for good measure, here's a lovely video:

And a other Video

I am the saviour of the people along with my brave companion GunZo, you the people have been freed, now watch as Nova crumbles under it's throne of lies. ARISE NOW FREE FROM THE SHACKLES OF OPPRESSION - LET THE AUTISTIC ADMIN TEAM OF NOVA OPPRESS YOU NO MORE!


Sweet love from Batman & Niggzie